Weight Unit Types

List of weight unit types allowed as part of the document line information as part of the document submission.


Weight unit types are used as part of the document lines in document submission.


Code English Description Arabic Description
GRM Gram ( g ) Gram ( g )
KGM Kilogram ( KG ) Kilogram ( KG )
LB pounds pounds
MGM Milligram ( mg ) Milligram ( mg )
ONZ Ounce ( oz ) Ounce ( oz )
ST Ton (short,2000 lb) Ton (short,2000 lb)
TNE Tonne ( t ) Tonne ( t )
TON Ton (metric) Ton (metric)
KG Keg  

File Download

Download JSON file containing definition of all the weight unit types and their codes.

Additional Considerations

Note that when submitting the documents, taxpayers should be using the code values.