Toolkit Nuget refresh cache method

It will refresh all the local cached lookups.

Token method UUID method


It will refresh all the cached lookups like country, currency, documenttype, documenttype version, activity code, documenttype work flow parameter, document validation, itemcode, measurecode, delivery unit, payment type, tax type, taxsubtype etc.,

Note! • Even caching expires also toolkit can issue receipt.


Signature: RefreshCacheResponseDto respose = await _toolkitHandler.RefreshCache()

public class RefreshCacheResponseDto : BaseResponseDto
 public DateTime? CachingexpiryDate { get; set; }
public class BaseResponseDto {
 public string? CorrelationId { get; set; }
 public string? Target { get; set; }
 public string? Code { get; set; }
 public string? Message { get; set; }
 public object? Details { get; set; }


Upon successful execution, Lookups cachingexpirydate will get as a response and generated cache data will be stored in their respective cache tables.

Output parameter Type Description Value example
CachingexpiryDate DateTime toolkit caching expiry date 2022-10-30T14:20Z
CorrelationId String CorrelationId is a unique number for the request. It has nothing to do with the receipt. It gets a value only in case of an error.  
Target String Output target.  
Code String Code is an error code, and it’s only sent if there is an error. 404 / 500 etc.,
Message String Error message.  
Details String Details of the error.