Nov 2020 Release

12 Nov 2020 - ETA

Egyptian Tax Authority has provisioned test environment to be used for testing the taxpayer solutions being updated to submit invoices!

Base URLs

To browse the URLs for the various environments, and to ensure you do not have security related issues accessing these URLs, please make sure that root certificate is trusted by the machine used. See more in FAQ.

SDK Updates

As part of test environment release this SDK has been slightly updated compared to its private preview version, also there are updates in the FAQ section, that contain initial set of information to help configure test environment, resolve configuration related issues. Extended some of the invoice fields to support 5 precision points & adding document validation equations.

Over time this FAQ section will be extended.

Document Version Updates

Also as the solution is getting more functionality addded there are changes in document type information to support more fields. In addition each document type has been published in two versions - version 0.9 and version 1.0. Version 0.9 allows document submission without document signatures, 1.0 requires a valid signature created using taxpayer eSeal certificate to be provided. This allows integrating taxpayers to start testing without signature creation and progress to submissions using signatures afterwards. For more details see updated document definitions in section document types.

Validation equations

Validation equations have been added to the SDK to make it easier for taxpayers to verify documents at their side before submitting the same to eInvoicing solution.

Extended precision

We’ve extended the precision for the document’s fields to support up to 5 precisions, please refer to the document schema for more details document schema.