Toolkit CLI Configuration

It will gives be useful information to the developers to configure Command Line Interface(CLI).

CLI Install CLI Usage


Toolkit Command Line Interface(CLI) will be useful for the developer to use this CLI tool for performing offline/online tests.

Here are the details of the appsettings config attributes and the sample inputs

• LocalConnectionsString - connection string of sqlite database
• IdentityServiceUrl - EtaConfig identity service url to acquire access token
• InvoicingServiceBaseUrl - EtaConfig invoicing service base url, will be used while submission and syncing receipts
• InvoicingPortalBaseUrl - EtaConfig invoicing portal base url, will be used while generation of QR codes
• InvoicingServiceVersion - EtaConfig version of invoicing service
• PosSerial - EtaConfig involved POS while integration with invoicing through nuget
Toolkit will only support single point of sale integration not for the multiple point of sale integrations.

Sample Prod configuration url’s filled here.

Click here to know more about other environment’s and their configuration url’s.
Add configuration section to appsettings.json
PosSerialNumber - This config value to be filled with your POS Serial number value and it should be the equal value in all the configurations.

  "LocalConnectionsString": "Data Source=D:\LocalReceipts.db;",
   "IdentityServiceUrl": "",
   "InvoicingServiceBaseUrl": "",
   "InvoicingPortalBaseUrl": "",
   "InvoicingServiceVersion": "1",
   "PosSerial": "__PosSerialNumber__"

Note! appsettings config values need to be modified as per the environment.