Toolkit SQLite Configuration

It will be useful to the developers to configure sqlite in their local machine to open the database from sql lite database and review data from their local machine.


SQLite is the most popular of the serverless SQL databases. The major difference between SQLite and a traditional SQL database is that there is no database server required. The database is maintained in files to which the application has direct access. The heavy lifting of processing SQL requests is done inside the application rather than by a separate server process.
Integration Toolkit persist its local data in sqlite database related various tables.
To clone sqlite database from docker container volume to the the local folder, need to follow the below steps:
• Open windows powershell
• Run the command to list the running containers : docker ps - It will show the list of running containers information, from the command output copy the toolkit Container ID
• Now run the docker copy command to copy all files from _data folder to local folder: docker cp container_id:/_data/ D:\YourLocalFolder (here D:\YourLocalFolder is taken as the local destination path.)

Using docker ps command we can find the toolkit container id, here in this example 21790a79a83a is the id of the toolkit container.

Example commands:
docker ps
docker cp 21790a79a83a:/_data/ D:\YourLocalFolder

To open the db file, use sqlite3 studio download link