Toolkit Static / Dynamic Configuration

It will be useful to the developers to setup static / dynamic toolkit configuration.


Static and Dynamic / Runtime configurations will gives the flexibility to the developer to setup their preferable configuration to the toolkit to customize it as per their need.

Static configuration

Here are the detailed information about the configuration section: LocalConnectionsString - SQlite local database connnection string.
EtaConfig - This section consists of the environment which will be pointing by the toolkit.
IdentityServiceUrl - Authentication token will be acquired based on this url value.
InvoicingServiceBaseUrl - Integration toolkit will use this base url value to perform route activities, sync activities, submission activities and cache refresh activities.
InvoicingPortalBaseUrl - Based on this url value, toolkit will communicate to the invoicing portal to generate QR Code and QR url.
InvoicingServiceVersion - All background services versions and toolkit will use this version number value.
PosSerial - Configured Point Of Sale(POS) value.

Note! • Toolkit will support single Point Of Sale(POS) only.

Sample preprod configuration url’s filled here.

Click here to know more about other environment’s and their configuration url’s.
Here are the details of the config attributes and the sample inputs
1- Add configuration section to apsettings.json
PosSerialNumber - This config value to be filled with your POS Serial number value and it should be the equal value in all the configurations.

  // connection string of sqllit database
  "LocalConnectionsString": "Data Source=D:\LocalReceipts.db;",
 //Egypt tax authority configuration section
   // identity service url to acquire access token to invoicing APIs
   "IdentityServiceUrl": "",
   // invoicing portal base url, will be used while generation of QR codes
   "InvoicingPortalBaseUrl": "",
   // invoicing service base url, will be used while submission and syncing receipts
   "InvoicingServiceBaseUrl": "",
   // version of invoicing service
   "InvoicingServiceVersion": "1",
   // The involved POS while integration with invoicing through nuget
   "PosSerial": "__PosSerialValue__"

Dynamic/Runtime Configuration

Toolkit initalize API will be useful to setup dynamic configuration of the toolkit.
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