Request Code Reuse

API allow taxpayers to request code reusue from current existing code.

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Request Code Reuse API is used by the taxpayer in the solution to request a code reuse of a code that already exist in the solution.

Taxpayer can pick any code that exist in the solution and request a reuse for this code, which means once code reuse is in place & approved then, taxpayer can use this code in document’s submission.

Once taxpayer submit a request code reuse, this request is sent out to ETA employee, ETA employee can approve the request, taxpayer can use this code in documents submission.

Note! when you are logged in as intermediary, permissions that are granted by the taxpayer will be applied on your profile and this will control the functionalities that you'll be able to executed on behalf of the taxpayer you are representing.


API is REST based API that receives that does not take any URL parameters.

Signature: PUT api/v1.0/codetypes/requests/codeusages


This API accepts standard eInvoicing API header parameters for authenticated call.

Body of the request contains array named items that contains an object with the below properties:

Input parameter Type Description Value example
codetype String GS1 or EGS EGS
itemCode String The taxpayer code that is registered in the system EG-100000053-10011
comment String Refer to the request code reuse comment Code that I already use in my factory


Successful Response

API returns HTTP status code 200.

Error Response

Error situations are reported back by this API through the standard error response.

Additional specialized error messages can be returned as a result of registration of codes usage requests :

HTTP Status Code Error Code Description
400 ValidationError Returned when user is trying to register user that he already has usage on.

Additional considerations

No additional considerations.