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API returns information on documents submitted during a single submission by taxpayer.

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API allows caller to get details of a single submission to check its processing status after initially submitting it and getting back unique submission identifier.

This API is available to submitter only as it might contain documents issued to multiple receivers.


API is REST based API that takes unique ID of the submission as URL parameter and returns details of the submission and summary information of the documents part of the submission.

Because submission might have quite some number of the documents as part of it, list of the documents returned by this API is paged.

Signature: GET /api/v1.0/documentsubmissions/{uuid}?pageNo={pageNo}&pageSize={pageSize}


This API accepts standard eInvoicing API header parameters for authenticated call.

URL parameter Type Description Value example
uuid String Unique ID of the document submission to retrieve. HJSD135P2S7D8IU
pageNo Number Optional: number of the page to retrieve. Typically this parameter value is derived from initial parameter less call when caller learns total amount of page of certain size 3
pageSize Number Optional: number of the documents to retrieve per page. Page size cannot exceed system configured maximum page size for this API 20


Successful Response

API returns HTTP status code 200.

The resulting structure is a single object containing the attributes as defined in the table:

Output parameter Type Description Value example
uuid String Unique document submission ID in eInvoicing HJSD135P2S7D8IU
documentCount Number Total count of documents in submission that were accepted for processing 234
dateTimeReceived DateTime The date and time when the submission was received by eInvoicing. 2015-02-13T14:20Z
overallStatus String Overall status of the batch processing. Values: in progress, valid, partially valid, invalid valid
documentSummary Document Summary[] List of the retrieved batch documents in current page. See structure.
documentSummaryMetadata Metadata Information on object count. See structure.

Document Summary

Output parameter Type Description Value example
uuid String Unique document ID in eInvoicing F9D425P6DS7D8IU
longId String Unique long temporary Id that can be used to query document data anonymously LIJAF97HJJKH 8298KHADH0990 8570FDKK9S2LSIU HB377373
internalId String Internal ID used in submission for the document PZ-234-A
typeName String Unique name of the document type that can be used in submission of the documents. ‘i’ [invoice], ‘c’ [credit note], ‘d’ [debit note], ‘ii’ [import invoice], ‘ei’ [export invoice], ‘ec’ [export credit note], ‘ed’ [export debit note]
typeVersionName String Name of the document type version within the document type that can be used in document submission to identify document type version being submitted 1.0
issuerId String Registration number of issuer 927398557
issuerName String Issuer company name My company
receiverId String Optional: receiver registration number (can be national ID or foreigner ID). 087377381
receiverName String Optional: receiver name (can be company name or person’s name) Their company
dateTimeIssued DateTime The date and time when the document was issued. 2015-02-13T13:15Z
total Decimal Total amount of the document in EGP. 124.09
status String Status of the document - “submitted”, “valid”, “invalid”, “rejected”, “cancelled” valid
lateSubmissionRequestNumber String Optional: Late submission request identifier. Used to identify which late request no. used when submitting the document. 927398557-23-1585


Output parameter Type Description Value example
totalPages Number Total count of pages based on the supplied (or default) page size 23
totalCount Number Total count of matching objects 157

Error Response

Error situations are reported back by this API through the standard error response.

Additional specialized error messages can be returned:

HTTP Status Code Error Code Description
403 Forbidden Returned when caller of the endpoint is trying to query a submission while caller profile has ‘B2B Deny ERP Document Retrieval’ tag assigned to it by ETA Admin.

Additional considerations

Maximum page size allowed is defined by eInvoicing system administrators.

API is available to issuers that are querying their submissions. This also includes authorized intermediaries (service providers) who submitted the documents on behalf of the taxpayer they represent.