Get Document Printout

API enables ERP system to download the PDF version of the document having predefined layout.

Get Submission Get Document Details


API allows caller to download the PDF version of the document containing the submitted document details and assigned ID and current status from the tax authority. The intention is that this PDF can then be shared over manual and electronic channels if taxpayer wishes so.


API is REST based API that takes unique ID of the document as URL parameter and returns PDF version of the document.

Signature: GET /api/v1.0/documents/{uuid}/pdf


This API accepts standard eInvoicing API header parameters for authenticated call.

URL parameter Type Description Value example
uuid String Unique ID of the document submitted or received by the taxpayer calling teh API. SG4SSD5KJHHA62D


Successful Response

API returns HTTP status code 200.

The resulting structure is a PDF document containing data of the document in eInvoicing solution.

Additional header parameters are returned as a result of this call.

Header parameter Type Description Value example
Content type String Defines that binary downloadable data is provided. application/octet-stream
Content length Number Size of the file 1123249

The data included in the document includes all document fields as per the document type version of the document. Different document types and their versions can have different versions of the printouts.

Depending on the status of the document, watermarks are added to the document PDF as it gets returned.

Document includes also QR code that is pointing to temporary anonymous API allowing receivers of the PDF to validate it against eInvoicing even if they do not have digital taxpayer account.

Error Response

Error situations are reported back by this API through the standard error response.

Additional specialized error messages can be returned depending on the state of the package:

HTTP Status Code Error Code Description
400 NotReady Returned when caller is requesting their document to be downloaded, but the document is still in processing.
404 Not Found Returned when caller is requesting document that is in the status that they should not have access to.
403 Forbidden Returned when caller of the endpoint is trying to download a document printout while caller profile has ‘B2B Deny ERP Document Retrieval’ tag assigned to it by ETA Admin.

Additional considerations

Receiver of the documents can retrieve documents as PDF that are in statuses Valid, Rejected or Cancelled. If document exists, and is issued to given receiver, but status is submitted or invalid, not found code is returned.

Issuer of the documents can retrieve documents in any status as PDF.