Nuget issue receipt method

It accepts the receipt/return receipt information in JSON format to validate and store it locally.

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This method will take the single receipt json as a payload. If UUID value is available in the input json then it will validate the UUID with the newly generating UUID and compare it. Valid receipt will be stored in local cache sql lite db receipt’s table and generating QR code will be stored in ReceiptQr table.
Toolkit will consider all the new, cancelled status valid receipts for submission.

Note! • If Restrict receipt issuance to business buyers flag enabled at admin portal and issuing receipt to the business buyer then it would be rejected.
• Valid receipts will be stored with the status 0 (It is the new receipt status).


Signature: IssueReceiptResponseDto response = await _toolkitHandler.IssueReceipt("__Receipt json content__")

public class GenerateQrCodeResponseDto : BaseResponseDto
 public string Uuid { get; set; } = null!;
 public string QrCode { get; set; } = null!;
 public string QrCodeImageBase64 { get; set; } = null!;
public class BaseResponseDto {
 public string? CorrelationId { get; set; }
 public string? Target { get; set; }
 public string? Code { get; set; }
 public string? Message { get; set; }
 public object? Details { get; set; }


IssueReceipt method takes the below input parameter:

Input parameter Type Description Value example
receipt/return receipt json String    


It will generate the UUID, QR code url and QR code image as base 64 format and given it as a response.

Output parameter Type Description Value example
Uuid String issue receipt output uuid 999fd4e6-1a40-40e4-9b86-3f28aafa5529
QrCode String issue receipt output QR code.  
QrCodeImageBase64 String issue receipt output QR code image base 64.  
CorrelationId String CorrelationId is a unique number for the request. It has nothing to do with the receipt. It gets a value only in case of an error.  
Target String Output target.  
Code String Code is an error code, and it’s only sent if there is an error. 404 / 500 etc.,
Message String Error message.  
Details String Details of the error.  

If buyer type B in receipt input data and restrict receipt Issuance to business buyers enabled then the message would be You are not allowed to issue receipts to the business buyers.