Nuget export receipts method

This method will be useful to export the receipts which were issued and stored locally, later exported receipts can be uploaded through the invoicing portal for later submission.

Issue receipt method Sync submission method


It allows to export newly stored receipts in submission files, each submission may contains number of/array of receipts will be decided based on configuration setting.
• The developer/taxpayer will be able to select receipts since last export, or since a specific date/time or by providing a range of receipt internal IDs.
• It will generate the batch rar file (maximum file size 1.5 MB or 500 receipts) and it will generate based on Initialization Method dynamic configuration.
• It will be updated the local cache database export table with “exported” status for the successful records.

Note! • Compressing receipt file merged into a single submission file and it can be used for later submission from invoicing portal.
• Export all receipt(s) or export specific receipt(s) based on issuance date. It must be in a sequencial order.
• Batch rar file is a JSON formatted and array of all the selected receipts.


Signature: string result=_toolkitHandler.ExportReceipts(exportReceiptsRequestDto)

public class ExportReceiptsRequestDto
 public int ReceiptCount { get; set; }


This method accepts export receipts request DTO, ReceiptCount property value to be set to export the number of receipts:

Property Type Description Value example
ReceiptCount int Optional. Maximum Number of receipts to be exported. Default is 500 11


Successful Response

Output parameter Type Description Value example
result Byte[] The content of the exported file