Get Document Package

API allows taxpayer systems to download previously requested document packages as XML or JSON files (compressed).

Get Package Requests Get Document


API allows caller to download the previously requested document package that has been produced.

As packages can be quite large in size, the API supports resume of the download, i.e., after download package is still available and can be accessed until scheduled deletion date that can be viewed by retrieving package status information.

Package returned is in one of the three formats requested - CSV (only for summaries), JSON, XML. The actual file served back is ZIP compressed to reduce the time of transfer and save bandwidth.


API is REST based API that takes unique ID of the request/package as URL parameter and returns ZIPed resulting document content.

Signature: GET /api/v1.0/documentpackages/{rid}


This API accepts standard eInvoicing API header parameters for authenticated call.

URL parameter Type Description Value example
rid String Unique ID of the package/request that was returned back to caller when package request was submitted. 45KJHHA62D


Successful Response

API returns HTTP status code 200 when the package is ready to download, 204 when package is not yet ready.

When package is ready to download, the resulting body is a ZIP compressed file that contains JSON, XML or CSV content based on initial request.

Additional header parameters are returned as a result of this call.

Header parameter Type Description Value example
Content type String Defines that binary downloadable data is provided. application/octet-stream
Content length Number Size of the file in KB 8838849

The data included in the file depends on query criteria and also type requested - summary or full:

  • full - returns full document objects as they were submitted by the submitter with additional added metadata and validation information serialized as part of hte resulting JSON or XML object. The structure of the data retrieved for each document when full data set requested is the same as defined in Get Document API definition.
  • summary - returns summary document information only similar to the data structure returned by the Get Recent Documents API in a row like structure (flat single row records).

Error Response

Error situations are reported back by this API through the standard error response.

Additional specialized error messages can be returned:

HTTP Status Code Error Code Description
403 Forbidden Returned when caller of the endpoint is trying to download document package while caller profile has ‘B2B Deny ERP Document Retrieval’ tag assigned to it by ETA Admin.

Additional considerations

To get the ID used to call this API, taxpayer system needs to first call API returning list of the document package requests or the ID returned during request submission should be used.